Guest Author: SF man Mike Williamson

Mike Williamson graciously answered a few questions to guest star here at the blog:

Mike, how did you first get published?

My first “published” works were letters to the editor, starting around age 16.  I managed around an 80% hit rate.
Currently, I think I have 10 novels out and two pending, with discussions on three others.  Deadlines can become a problem after a while, and anything with continuity requires attention to track.
Mike, tell us a little about Rogue, which is your latest SF novel in a series, coming out right now.
My new novel, “Rogue,” is in my existing Freehold universe, but I try to make everything stand alone for the reader’s benefit.  It shouldn’t be necessary to buy previous books to enjoy a story, though of course I don’t mind if people do.  The dirty summary is that it’s about two techno-ninjas stalking each other across the galaxy.  In more detail, it’s about the troubled former commander of a battle with an horrific body count (1/5 of Earth’s population), being asked to track down one of his former elite troops turned high-end assassin, specializing in very exotic, technological assassinations, and having to revisit his past in the process.  It was tough to write the technical parts–both of them have similar training and backgrounds, so can predict each others’ moves.  The emotional impact was tough, in a different way.  This is a man who’s psychologically damaged and not all there.

Mike, I heard a rumor you also write short stories.  Please explain.

I’ve got short stories in a number of anthologies, especially the Valdemar universe anthologies edited by Mercedes Lackey.  There’s also one up for free on Baen’s website,, called “The Brute Force Approach.”

I met Miriam at the Indianapolis area SF convention, and talked a bit about writing before helping her move to Germany.  I think she’s often a bit bewildered by some of the strange stuff I post online, but she goes at it gamely.

Thanks Mike.  Readers, hope you enjoyed it!

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