Interdependence – Stores Are Open in Doerverden

Here we are, shortly after the holiday.  Here in Germany, stores are open again.  What a reminder of how interdependent we all are.  Its the simple truth, that if all those people hadn’t gone to work, there’s a lot I would not have been able to do.  In reality, serving the community is supposed to be a motive for working as well as pay.  A lot of people know this, but many others don’t.  One simple action which might help the over all situation is for people to explicitly thank others for working.  In this case, I don’t mean the colleagues – who also deserve gratitude, but the people who are work when you do all the things other than your own job.  Oh, did someone make you a sandwhich, sell you gas, teach your kids, make you shoes, fix your car, or work at your bank?  All of these people could benefit from your acknowledgement that they have done something for you.  Although to some it is so obvious that no thanks are needed, a  lot of people would be happier because ‘you noticed and bothered to care’.

One thought on “Interdependence – Stores Are Open in Doerverden

  1. Dad says:

    Very nice piece, Mirs. I mean your stuff not the picture or anything to do with it.

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