Keywords: Do we have to? One writer to another

Keyword searches:  Well, many of us who write professionally have used SEO searches or have done SEO keyword article writing at least once on a contract.  Business does not always run according to a person’s whims or even wishes.

As one of the many authors posting around, making at least some effort to get better at doing my job, I have tried multiple times to implement the use of keywords.  Somewhat reluctant: the first times I tried I proverbially fell flat on my face.  I spent money on WordButler and absolutely nothing came of it other than a bill and the vague idea that somehow this was supposed to help.  Years later, I wrote SEO articles for pay and felt sickened because in an SEO article one must write the way people who write stories to teach children vocabulary words write instead of how your literature instructor at the university told us to write.

Well, in truth, a lot of the other authors have probably been successfully using keyword searches without telling me that I have splotch of thick sauce from lunch on the front of my blouse and everyone at the office can see it, but until I visit the ladies’ room I won’t know….so, now I am aware of this aspect of things.  If you are not guilty, “Thank you!”  If you are guilty, well I suppose that’s competiveness or extreme shyness but I don’t like it.  Would you like it?  Probably not.  “Female cruelty” is like that sometimes.  Anyways, yes, I think the problem is that on some level, if we work online we do have to work in intentionally using keywords but in all honesty, I don’t like it.


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