The Writer as Mother: Report Cards, D&D & more

Today, the 16 year old brought home a Report Card.  He did well enough to make some money and a few strokes to his well deserving ego.  As the foreign-in-Germany mother, I mainly felt how ‘in German’ the thing is.  I brought my kid here from Indianapolis, and have made him go to school in German….but as I truthfully point out to him:  he is both American and German – I am not the German.  The most German my ancestors get is English & Hannoverian English.  Even so, I have agreed to voluntarily take more German lessons here.  We can thank Kant, Hegel & Nietzsche for that, but especially Nietzsche.  I actually like Hegel’s philosophy more, but Nietzsche was a great writer “very readable” and a fellow lefty. The “junior German” is doing well.

Forgive me for having digressed.  To be nice to me – the Mom, we will be playing even more Dungeons & Dragons tomorrow, using Skype.  This is actually Conference Calling only for recreational rather than corporate use – which is a little weird, depending upon how professional one is.  This is because I told my son I would still like to interact beyond making him sandwiches or having him do chores.  In truth we’re doing great at getting along, especially considering that he’s 16 years old now.  Well, time to go choose my weapons.

More:  still on the look out for new writing contracts of course.


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