Help When You Need It

Everyone needs help sometimes and its always great to get help when you need it.  This is also the title of the first chapter of the novel An Adventure in Indianapolis.  In this urban crime solving story, there is more than one protagonist.  The story is more like real life in that there is more than one main character, and no one seems to have the clear lead.  Its also like real life in that it is set in Indianapolis, Indiana – and was written while the author was in the 7th year of living there.  Not only that, but the type of crime problem starring in the story is a real blemish of Indiana – the dark side is ‘meth amphetimine’.  Unfortunately, in the underworld of drugs, that was the result of ‘buy American’ in the illegal stimulant trade.  Luckily, the Indiana police forces are fighting that problem – consistently, and thanks to their valiant efforts, we have a plot for a novel!

In this law enforcement fantasy, the Mayor of Indianapolis gets help when he needs it to fight crime in the city resorting to ‘unusual methods’ in an effort to actually ‘protect and serve’ the local community.  To find out more:  An Adventure in Indianapolis.

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