Naav Friends

So, did Gezka FaucMerz have any friends?  Well, yes, she did.  That being said, readers may benefit from understanding that Naav culture more closely resembled Klingon culture in terms of the acceptance of violence amongst friends as well as acquaintances and enemies.  Naav culture differed radically from Klingon culture in many ways, but in that respect it was more similar.

The soldiers were all enculturated together, unlike in Earth’s military forces of the early 21st century, where the people are gathered together from civilian ranks.  So, yes, but to outsiders it may not have always been so clear that the people were friends when they were not on duty, but on the battlefield it would seem they were all bosom buddies.

Kiel Bronson was the first friend Gezka ever made who was not also a soldier in the Naav.

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