The Website – Uranian Fiction

They say that writers are supposed to have websites.  Yesterday, my teen son told me that he has been writing articles for this year’s FEIF Youth Cup website for a few days.  In his case, it is a summer vacation after 10th grade volunteer project.  In my case, I have set up 3 websites that are supposed to help present and represent ‘me and my work’ as a writer and author to the public.

You know, in every job there are the parts of the work that come easily and the parts that don’t.  I vaguely remember when I thought learning to edit and providing some type of secretarial services to myself as an author – as well as the big thing, which was actually writing an entire book, was the main extra task that went with the job.  Instead, the writing life is a job where many people, even professionals, find out about new parts of the job as they go along.  It is more like finding one’s way through a maze.  Some of it is straightforward but some of it is not.  So, during the past few years, I finally assembled first efforts at websites.  The only effort frightened me, and is yet another aspect of the work where I would have just used money to hire other professionals to do it, but needed to do it myself due mainly to tight budgets or approach to problem solving.

One thing I did, which may or may not have been a mistake was to come up with a tag phrase to cover all of the fiction that I write – I also write nonfiction.  Perhaps it is a generational marker.  I’m part of the generation who are alive because we survived the Cold War and nuclear proliferation and fussed and hoped the world would still be for us today and not only for the cockroaches and radiation resistant bacteria.  Also, in astrology, Uranus is the planet cited for individuality – which is ironic because it is a ‘generational planet’ rather than a personal one.  The combination and the fact that I actually think ‘radioactive elements are cool, when they do not get out of control’ led to my naming all of my works of fiction ‘uranian’.

Here are the links to the websites.  Check them out and tell all your friends.  If you think they are good, that’s great.  If you think they suck, please tell your friends anyways, as if you were referring them to that movie ‘Attack of the Killer Tomatoes’ which many of us have seen because we were told it isn’t any good.  ,

I am pretty sure there was another website, but today when I looked for it online I could not even find it.  You know, I am not always sure: does that just show up for me when I do a search or is that what everyone sees?  You know: does it make it look to you like others can find you easily online but really they can’t?  Or is it that they really can?

That’s the news today.  Hope the rest of you are well.  In the end I would like to thank Pagan Pages and Morgan at all write publishing, for using some of my work.


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